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Presentation of Solidarci and Arcisolidarietà Caserta

Arcisolidarietà Caserta and Solidarci are associations that works in the field of Culture, Sociability, Solidarity, Human Rights, Education, for the promotion of human and civil. Associations are active in the field of solidarity and services to personal care; they are involved in activities in favor of immigrants, children, and young people at risk of social exclusion; they are involved in activities aimed at promoting international mobility of young people through exchange projects funded by the Youth in Action Programme.


Department Young Adults and Minors:

  • interventions of prevention and contrast of early school leaving and of empowerment of youth capacities; promotion of national and International mobility through the EC Youth Program, the national and International civic voluntary service;
  • socio-educational interventions and of life-skills training with the organisation of drama workshops, creative writing, audiovisual communication and ICT learning, photographical seminars, etc.;
  • interventions of capacity building of physically and mentally impaired young adults;
  • promotion of active citizenship and NGOs membership among young people.


Department Immigration

Delivery of:

  • school support activities addressed to migrant young adults and children (6-17 years-old);
  • Italian language courses to foreigners certified (L2);
  • Intercultural laboratories and workshops of awareness-raising, information, education and active citizenship and participation;
  • guidance to the local training offer and to the local training and employment services;
  • systematization of the good practices of cultural mediation, guidance and enhancement of active citizenship of migrants;
  • organisation of fairies, congresses, workshops on “sensitive themes”, such as violence against women, stalking, genital mutilations, etc.;
  • participation to antiracist campaigns.


Cultural Department

Organisation of:

  • musical and theatrical festivals and reviews;
  • exibition of paintings and photographs;
  • Cineforum (film festivals);
  • cultural laboratories and workshops,
  • training meetings on fair commerce and critical consumption.

Department Communications

Organisation of:

  • training courses and laboratories to upgrade digital and audio-visual skills/competences;
  • workshops of cultural self-expression through the arts.



Solidarci ed Arcisolidarietà Caserta  aderiscono alla rete europea per l’educazione degli adulti EAEA:



Presentazione Solidarci in ppt

Presentazione Arcisolidarietà in ppt

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